' 1
Year of establishment

in the industrial area of Northern Italy

Years of experience

in the production and distribution of equipment for chemical laboratories

1 m2
a cutting-edge company

certified UNI ISO 9001-VISION 2000

A family leading the company

Francesco, Giuseppe, Carolina, Giovanni, and Cristian Scotti


50th Anniversary

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the company with the people who contribute every day in growing and consolidating the brand.


Introduction of the test chambers range

Experience and developed expertise led to the launch of the Test Chambers product line, including Climatic Chambers, Stability Chambers, and Growth Chambers.


Partnerships development

The beginning of direct partnerships with laboratories, companies, and research centres to undertake not only the product development but entire projects, combining Falc's know-how with the scientific and academic expertise.


Range expansion

Introduction of new instrumentation lines: ultrasonic baths and furnaces to provide a comprehensive portfolio.


Generational change

Years marked by changes and innovations see the courage and passion of the founders consolidated in their children, who inherit their fathers' legacy, combining entrepreneurial vision, respect for tradition and innovation.

Dal 2005


The Arablab exhibition in Dubai becomes a focal point for creating and strengthening collaborations with partners in the Middle East.


Launch of ovens and incubators range

Transition years from mainly consumable material production to more complex laboratory instrumentation. Ovens and incubators become flagship products.


New headquarters

Relocation with the expansion of the production department, commercial offices and warehouse.


eference importer and introduction of represented product lines

Falc becomes a reference point for customers seeking laboratory products, including leading European market brands (Filtration Line, Liquid Handling Line, Cryogenic Container Line).

Late 1980s

Laboratory instruments

Combining electrical components with the metal structure results in the creation of the first laboratory instruments: heaters for flasks and electromagnetic stirrers.


First collaborations with glassblowers

Establishment of initial collaborations with glassblowers who will become distributors in the subsequent years.



Falc Instruments was founded in 1973 by three brothers in the province of Bergamo, united by the desire to transform their skills into a life project.

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