Stirring heating mantles for 1000ml flask – MF1000

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Stirring heating mantle MF1000 is designed to boil and condense the liquid; its analog control doesn’t need precision considering this kind of applications and it can heat and stir at the same time or separately.

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• Cylindrical stainless-steel structure painted with anti-acid epoxy powder coating to get user work with also aggressive materials.

• Electronic speed control

• Electronic temperature control

• Clamp included to fix rod

• The flexible and crocheted heating element ensures even heat distribution and protective handling of landing of laboratory flasks

• Head control to add to control temperature digitally after modifying the instrument

Product Details

Data sheet

External dimension (LxWxH)mm 245x210
PowerV/Hz 230/50-60
WeightKg 3.7
Protection class32
IP 32
Variable speedrpm 100-2500
Motor Power20
Flaskml 1000
Precision on the plate°C ±5
Heating res. capacityW 450
Stirring bar suggested ømm 6x20

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