Restyling and new features for our historic instrumentation lines

Restyling and new features for our historic instrumentation lines
Innovations in the OVENS/INCUBATORS and CIRCULATION BATHS: Advanced Technology for Your Laboratory Needs

We are proud to present our new range of ovens/incubators and cryostatic/circulation baths, entirely made in Italy and of our own production. Building on a consolidated know-how and twenty years of experience in producing these historical lines, we have developed new models by integrating significant advancements in technology and innovation. These instruments, which represent our main product line, are the result of years of design and a constant commitment to excellence and quality. Our goal is to offer cutting-edge solutions for scientific and industrial laboratories, combining technological innovation with the reliability of the made in Italy.


LCD Touchscreen Display: An Intuitive and Multilingual Interface

One of the main innovations of the new range is the introduction of an LCD touchscreen display, characterized by an extremely intuitive user interface. This display not only provides a clear view of operational information but also allows immediate interaction thanks to the touchscreen function. Users can choose from four different languages: Italian, English, French and Spanish, making these instruments easily accessible to a wide range of international users.


Customization and Program Saving

Another distinctive feature is the advanced program saving function. This allows to easily customize and store desired settings for temperature, maintenance and ventilation for the ovens and incubators, as well as the pump speed for the baths. This function enables you to quickly recall optimal settings for different experiments or processes, improving operational efficiency and reducing the risk of errors.


Delayed Start Programming

For an even more flexible management, the LCD display offers the possibility to program delayed start. This function allows you to set the system's start based on the desired day and time. This feature not only optimizes energy management but also ensures that processes can be started in the absence of the operator, providing customized operational comfort for the specific needs of the laboratory. 


Guaranteed Precision: Calibration with Accredia LAT Certified Instruments

To ensure maximum measurement precision, each product of the new range undergoes a rigorous calibration report performed with an Accredia LAT certified reference instrument. This process ensures that every reading and setting complies with the highest quality standards. The Accredia LAT certification is a recognition of our dedication to quality and precision, offering our customers uncompromising safety and accuracy. 


In conclusion the new series of ovens/incubators and cryostatic/circulation baths represent a significant technological advancement in the field of laboratory instruments. With an intuitive LCD touchscreen display, advanced program customization, delayed start functions and rigorous certified calibration, these instruments offer a combination of innovation, precision and ease of use that will meet even the most demanding needs. By choosing our products, you can be assured of obtaining reliable and cutting-edge instruments for your laboratory experiments and processes.


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