Tubes stirrers with clockwise and anti-clockwise movement – F205 G

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Tubes stirrer F205 G is an instrument with rotating movement for protocol preparations in laboratories and it can be used in some biological samples which need gentle manner to avoid the disruption of the cells, such as blood samples.

It can work in incubators, even refrigerated.

This model does not include plate because it depends on application: there are some plates for “rolling” or “overturning”.

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SKU: 603.0129.28

Continuous or alternate clockwise and anti-clockwise movement with adjustable angles of 120-180-240-300-360°

Reclinable stirring plate

Adjustable speed control

Digital timer from 0 to 540 min or infinite

Product Details

Data sheet

PowerV/HZ 230/50
WeightKg 3,2
Dimensionmm 210x270x240
Timer0 ÷ 540 o ∞
Stirring amplitudeRotatorio continuo
oscillante alternato
Speedrpm tra 2 e 40
Working temperature°C da +4 a +60
Rotation controlDigitale

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