Climatic test chamber 2200 lt - FCC 2200

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Climatic Chambers without humidity control - Vertical Airflow

Climatic Chamber FCC 2200 is 2200 lt instrument for high technology laboratory testing the reaction of samples at several environmental conditions at more temperatures. Before launching a product on the market, it is necessary to verify how it reacts at high or low temperatures.

The model FCC has not humidity control and it has vertical forced ventilation to test a few big samples on more shelves; this chamber is suggested for automotive, food, electronics or some fields where samples have big dimensions.

2200 lt capacity makes this instrument like a big, refrigerated incubator with better results, granted by good uniformity and accuracy.

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  • Food industry
  • Confectionary industry
  • Laboratory testing
  • Analytical laboratory
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Quality test
  • Environmental test
  • Construction materials industry
  • Calibration laboratory
  • Biotechnology
  • Texile industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Plastic industry


  • Cooling system controller by solenoid electrovalves
  • Safety thermostat, to protect the samples against high temperatures (optionally low temperatures)
  • System setting protected by password
  • Key lock on the door
  • Temperature range from +4°C to +60°C (optionally from -10/-20/-30°C to +60°C without humidity control)
  • Models include forced air refrigeration (distributed uniformly vertically), and have high temperature homogeneity inside of the chamber
  • Ultrasound humidity generator, introducing microscopic water drops inside of the chamber at room temperature (electrode system optionally)
  • Condensation drying system by cooling
  • Independent cooling and heating systems
  • Tropicalization treatment, to allow work up to +32°C room temperature
  • Internal glass door, with hermetic closing (models up to -10°/-20°/-30°C do not include internal glass door)
  • Solid external door with opening aids and big sized handle (double glass door optionally)
  • Hermetic compressor built over dampers to reduce noise levels
  • AISI 304 stainless steel internal finish
  • Epoxy coated steel external finish
  • Rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • Heated door frame, to ensure an ice free door closing for models up to -10°/-20°/-30°C
  • Access port to introduce cables and external instruments
  • USB port to store system data.
  • High density of 60 mm polyurethane insulation (CFC and HCFC free) high density polyurethane
  • R404 (CFC and HCFC free) biodegradable cooling gas
  • Magnetic gasket on the external door, to ensure a better door closing
  • 4 wheels for easy movement with height-adjustable feet
  • Height-adjustable perforated stainless steel shelves
  • Including series 4000 controller, with graphic temperature representation
  • Microprocessor (4.3'' touchscreen) for control parameters with PID system (the temperature through a NTC probe)
  • Control system with battery backup and automatic recharge, for up to 48h
  • The controller stores the max/min temperature and/or humidity values with their graphical representation.
  • Audible and visible independent alarms for maximum and minimum temperature, with NiCd battery support backup for more than 48h of battery life (72h optionally)
  • PC software
  • Ethernet output



  • Temperature range from +4°C to +60°C (optionally from -10/-20/-30°C to +60°C without humidity control)
  • Humidity generator up to +95°C RH
  • Air drying system up to 15% RH at +4°C
  • Additional access ports to introduce cables and external instruments
  • Thermal glass door, with heated frame in models with humidity control or lower temperatures
  • External stainless steel finish
  • Plugs inside of the chamber
  • Potential free output for remote alarm control
  • UV light tubes for sterilization
  • Telescopic trays to locate instruments
  • Printer for temperature and humidity data
  • GSM phone alarm module
  • Battery backup
Product Details

Data sheet

AirflowVertical without humidity
Temperature range without humidity+4°C to +60°C (optionally from -10/-20/-30°C to +60°C without humidity control)
Accuracy of display without humidity+/-0.1 °C
Homogeneity of temperature without humidity+/-1.5 °C
Stability of temperature without humidity+/-0.75 °C
Accuracy of NTB probe without humidity+/-0.15 °C
Nr of shelves4+4
Nr of doors2
Compressor RH3/8
Usable dimensions (WxDxH)1590x840x1350
External dimensions (WxDxH)1700x1100x1980
CapacityLt 2200

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