Dual Syringe diluter - MICROLAB ML725 DIL

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Semi-automated diluter MICROLAB ML725DIL is ideal for all uses of diluting and dispensing of many samples needed high accurate precision and repeatability to have reliable results.

Also, the structure supports the performance: borosilicate glass is useful to clean diluter easily and work with many different substances, the interface helps researchers to work safety.

MICROLAB ML725DIL can be used in many fields, such as: biotechnology, in-vitro diagnostics, forensics and pharmaceutical, food, mining, and textile industry.

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Power100-240V / 50-60 Hz
ProbeConcorde CT Hand Probe
Program Memorynon volatile memory
Power rating24 VDC/2.5A
Syringe Drive Mechanism1.8° stepper motor with variable volumetric flow rate
Number of Syringe Drives2
Syringes Included2 syringes user selected between 10 µL - 50 mL
Fluid Path MaterialsFEP, CTFE, PTFE, Borosilicate Glass
Hamilton code10103471

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