Basic portable PH-meter MW101 - pH

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 Basic portable pH-meter MW101 is an instrument for simple applications that measures pH, it is the acidity or alkalinity grade of a solution or a sample.

It is Suitable for educational, agriculture, horticulture, environmental and water analysis.

It needs battery to be used, so no power grid needed.

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SKU: 107.2001.55
  • PH measurement
  • LCD display
  • Manual or automatic calibration
  • Electrode included
Product Details

Data sheet

pH range0.00 to 14.00 pH
pH resolution0.01 pH
pH accuracy at 25°C/77°F± 0.02 pH
pH CalibrationManual, 2-point through offset and slope trimmers
Temperature compensationManual, 0 to 50°C
Environment0 to 50°C; 95% RH
Battery type1 x 9 V alkaline
Battery lifeApprox. 300 hours
Packaging dimensions212x145x67 mm
Packaging weight420g
pH electrodeSE220 (included)

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