Multi-meters MW 802 - PH/EC/ TDS

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Portable MW802 is a multiuse instrument suitable for educational, agricultural, water analysis.

MW802 is a combo meter allows you to measure pH, EC (conductivity) and TDS with a single meter and one single probe.

It needs battery to be used, so no power grid needed.

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SKU: 107.2005.60
  • Ph/EC/ TDS measurement
  • LCD display
  • Built-in rechargeable 9V battery
  • Calibration on 1 point
  • Probe included
Product Details

Data sheet

ProbeSE600 combination pH/EC/TDS (included)
pH range0.00 to 14.00 pH
pH resolution0.1 pH
pH accuracy at 25°C/77°F±0.20
Temperature compensationAutomatic from 0 to 50°C
Environment0 - 50°C / 32 - 122°F; max RH 95%
Battery type1 x 9 V alkaline
Battery lifeApprox. 150 hours
Packaging dimensions268x122x118 mm
Packaging weight720g
EC Range0.00 to 6.00 mS/cm
TDS Range0 to 4000 ppm
EC Resolution0.10 mS/cm
TDS Resolution10 ppm
Calibrationmanual on 1 point
EC/TDS accuracy±2% full scale
Calibration solutions1413 µS/cm
PH 7.01
Conversation factor0.68

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