Basic Water purification systems for utlrapure water 15 lt - ECO S15UV

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ECO S15UV is a water purification system ensuring high quality ultrapure water, in addition to reverse osmosis water. Double wave lenght UV lamps have been chosen to do TOC analisys and to reduce bacteria.

It is a simple, effective and competitive product.

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ECO S15UV has LCD control system, two water quality sensors, a time and quality detector, RO system, a pump and a 15 liter pre-built tank to collect RO water and ultrapure water.

The ion rejection rate for single-phase RO water is more than 96%, and the ultrapure water resistivity reaches 18MΩ.cm.

It fully achieves the grade I standards of ASTM, CAP, CLSI, EP and USP.

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Data sheet

Flow rateUp to 2 liters/minute (with pressure tank)
Output15 litres/hour
Pure water outlet2: reverse osmosis water, ultrapure water
Resistivity at 25°C18.2 MΩ.cmxcm
Conductivity0.0549 μs/cm
TOC*lesser than 3ppb
Bacterialesser than 0,1 cfu/ml
Particle (greater than 0,2 μm)lesser than 1/ml
Ion rejection rate96-99% new membraneRO
Organic rejection rategreater than 99% when MW greater than 200 Dalton
Particle and bacteria rejection rategreater than 99%
Feed water requirementsTapwater,temperature:5-45°C,pressure:1.0-4.0Kgf/cm x cm
Dimension and weightLength×Width×Height: 410×320×420mm/ Weight: about 15Kg
Electrical requirementsAC100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Power72 W
Standard configurationMain body(Including 1 set of cartridge)+15 liters pressure tank

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